Hi, I’m Tsunami Hee Ja, and I’m an artist.

I was born in South Korea, raised in rural New South Wales, and currently reside on the coast of Adelaide with my magnificent husband, brilliant children, delightful rat, crazy dog, several decent cats, two rampaging chickens, a pair of antisocial quail, and one barely tolerable rabbit.

I studied Visual Communications at the University of South Australia, graduating way back in 2004. Already interested in manga and anime, I incorporated elements of this aesthetic into my own illustration work and soon became known for it.

My dream as a kid was to become a cartoonist, or a writer. Creating my own comic narratives gives me the opportunity to do both, so it's something I usually return to no matter what other creative tangents I head off on. 

Over the course of my freelancing career I’ve had the opportunity to take on a diverse array of creative jobs, from drawing live portraits, to painting murals. My artwork  has also been displayed in multiple solo and collective exhibitions.

And I teach workshops. I've hosted sessions at schools, libraries, and festivals, for children and adults alike, encouraging others to express themselves by drawing their own characters and bringing story ideas to life.

Despite all that, I’m a bit of a recluse. Most of the time I’m happiest at home among my pets and house plants, but you can check for upcoming appearance updates on my blog and social media platforms.

If you’re looking to engage my professional services, feel free to contact me via the message function of this website, or you can email

Thank you for taking the time to know more about me, and I hope you enjoy my work.




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