Hi, I'm Tsunami Hee Ja,

an Adelaide based artist and illustrator specialising in manga and anime style artwork. 

 Examples of my art can be viewed in the portfolio section below, or for more recent updates, please follow my social media accounts. 

That is, I enjoy blogging whenever I get the urge. The best way to stay up to date with my art is through social media, but here's where you can find some more personal musings on life, pets, plants, and whatever else I happen to be contemplating at the time.  

Yes, I teach workshops!

Libraries, schools, and event organisers are welcome to contact me about working as a contractor at their venue or function. I have all the necessary clearances and plenty of experience sharing my drawing techniques with children and adults of all ages.


Click on the images for a better look!


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Portrait commissions have become one of my specialties over the years, and I have extensive

experience creating these in a variety of media. Although these jobs always brings me huge satisfaction when completed, the process of drawing detailed custom pieces can be creatively exhausting when constantly prioritised over working on my own art.


For this reason I will sometimes limit the number of portrait commissions I take on,

so please don't be offended if I'm unable to accommodate you at the time you inquire.

You can view my current full priced rates here.

Special offer commissions are available at dramatically discounted rates when I post slots on social media. Follow my artist page on Facebook for these (they tend to fill up super quick, so you need to get in fast), as well as numerous examples of other commissioned pieces I have created.



Take a sneak peak into the mind of a chronically clumsy, frequently flaily freelance illustrator as Tsunami shares happy memories, emotional baggage, and insights into the life of an eccentric art bunny who is forever "twying, but cwying". 

Twying but Cwying

Twying but Cwying

"Twying but Cwying", a comic by Tsunami Hee Ja

Hate Magnet

Hate Magnet

"Hate Magnet", a comic by Tsunami Hee Ja.


The drawing of this high school romance manga commenced in 2008 and was  completed in 2013, after which it was stored in a cupboard and ignored for nearly a decade. I've recently retrieved it and am finally sharing a bit of

it - *cringe* -  along with a hefty disclaimer!

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