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There's not much to say about this comic except that I am desperate for a break! It's been a demanding year - maybe my biggest yet in terms of a consistent paid workload. The daily grind and continuous pressure of pleasing clients, meeting deadlines, and rolling out content on social media, as well as maintaining our home, caring for the family, and trying to keep all of my social engagements so that friends won't think I'm a selfish jerk have left me thoroughly drained. It's hard to remember the last time I wasn't tired, or my hands didn't ache. They're so sore that I dread picking up a pencil some days - I'm physically and mentally exhausted. My body is ready...

TO RELAX. But unfortunately it's not quite time. I've promised myself a dedicated studio closure as of the 20th of December. I'm teaching a workshop that day (details to be announced once the library finalises their school holiday program), and then I'm shutting shop for the year, Kittens!

No more illustration or teaching jobs till sometime in 2020. I'm yet to decide at what point I'll get back to it, but certainly not until I've had some serious down time to recover from this crazy year. I can't wait! PS. I'm already closed for new commissions as I have multiple jobs lined up that I won't finish until into next year, so sorry to anyone hoping to squeak anything in before Christmas. Time wise it's too squishy, and honestly, I just don't have the energy for more right now.

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