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Let it Snow

Brace yourselves...

As I've discussed on my various media platforms in the past, I am a long time sufferer of seasonal depression. When it gets cold, I shut down and feel gloomy, so the end of summer is usually a melancholy time for me. This year however, I find myself less sad about cooler weather creeping in...

Why? Perhaps because I demonstrated such uncharacteristic adult planning at the end of last winter and splurged on a drawer full of thermals (I need to wear at least three pairs of pants to feel warm when it's below seventeen degrees Celsius now it seems).

Actually, it's because like the rest of Australia, I'm super grateful to wake up to our country not being consumed by bush fires every day. Nothing spoils summer like environmental disaster and mass tragedy for humans and animals alike. Very glad that's over... for now. Anyhow, my comic is late this week. Not sure if it was noticed or minded, but if anybody should wonder why, it was due to some very tight deadlines, not least important of which was a last-minute wearable cardboard and crete-paper mane for my son. He was part of a musical trio performing "The Lion sleeps tonight" for their class today, and not only have I been informed that the number was a hit, but I also received a special mention for my superior hot-glue gun skills. Pow! Honestly, in the current climate I do wonder if there's much point is drawing my silly weekly comic. My feed is full of fear and anger, and I'm seriously debating another unplugged period of social-media-free living until things calm down, but I dunno. There's good stuff too, and work-wise it's important, so... >shruuuuug< Meanwhile, my home is full of fur. And that's all I had to say, really! Till next time.

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