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Get you a woman who can do... most of it!

The Dolly Parton meme trend has been popping up a lot in my feed lately, so here's my attempt:

Truthfully I have never used Tinder. I was too tired and emotionally scarred to bother trying it back when I found myself abruptly single back in 2016, and then I fell in love with my #husband of today.

I'd totally swipe right for him though... or is it left? Which reminds me, I still haven't tried Uber eats! Which way do you swipe for food? And incidentally, I've gone vegan. Probably more about that in a future post.

Also, in case you didn't notice I've had my hair cut short and I'm quite chuffed with it. What a swell first blog entry for 2020! PS. I just noticed I accidentally typed "Linked In" as two words, which shows how much I use that one. I really need to brush up on my self-promotion. Okay, bye now. Xo Tsunami.

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