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Metal Head-ache

My taste in music has always been quite eclectic, but my preference almost inevitably runs to pop.

If you looked at my CD collection during my high school years you would have found Riverdance alongside the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, Whigfield, and whole bunch of Hit Machines.

My angry CD was one I originally bought to please my then-boyfriend, who was into alt metal music. I liked that the singers were girls, and I liked their name, "Kittie", but that was as much genuine affection as existed between myself and the band back then.

I have a lot of respect for their work now that I'm older, even if their music may still not be to my taste. I realise that playing their album during teenage tantrums helped me express my anger safely, even if it also gave me a headache.

From what I can gather, there are still members of Kittie rocking out hardcore today, while I sit here in my slippers wondering if I can squeeze in an afternoon nap before dinner. So yeah, I am more than willing to face the fact that they were always just too cool for the likes of me.

And now that I'm a mother to a teenage son, I have my own auditory cross to bear. My lad doesn't own a single CD, but listens to music on his iPad whenever I make him sit at the table to do his homework. The song that he plays on repeat to shred my nerves (I did quite like it - the first fifty times) is this piano version of "Spider Dance":

Times sure have changed.

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