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Money Bunny

Big dreams on a small budget.

Sometimes I laugh out loud at how much I've changed over the course of my life. Yep, I really bust a gut, but then I realise I'm in public and that people are looking at me funny, so I clam up and get out of there fast. Seriously though, we may get wiser with age, but we kind of have to in order to deal with the complications of adulthood. As life has grown more complex, I've felt myself become duller, less ambitious, and realistic to the point of sometimes succumbing to outright cynicism. I can afford most of the material things I used to dream of purchasing now that I'm older, but I can't buy back my wonder, my energy, or my youthful enthusiasm.

That's why I'm saving up for that stick vacuum. The really good one with a pet-hair attachment and continuous suction - aw yeah. And although I can't justify hourly sessions on a therapist's couch while I am currently on top of my various neuroses, I have my art for therapy, so I guess I'll dream and draw on while I save for another day.

By then I'll probably want something different, because I'll be somebody different, and won't that be a hoot!

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