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There's a lot of bad stuff going down today, and every day in fact, but sometimes the bad news is closer to home and hits you harder.

The bush fires currently raging across the country are prominent in my mind, and aside from making a humble donation to a charity supporting stricken communities, it doesn't feel like I have the capacity to do much about it except worry. Of course I am filled with awe and gratitude for those great souls who are there on the scene providing aid in its many necessary forms. The firefighters especially, but all emergency service crew, the doctors, the counselors, the wildlife carers, and every person pitching in to help in their own mighty way. And meanwhile, I wonder if there's any point posting another comic when there's so much tragedy to contemplate. I worry that my work is insensitive in its glibness and self-absorption, but today as on so many days when the world feels dark, creating my silly little cartoon keeps me ticking. It's comforting to draw, and just like a good cat-combing, it eases my stress.

As you may have guessed by the fact I've not yet uploaded my concluding post about it, Inktober left me fairly exhausted (but I will share"Part 2" soon). I've launched immediately into another big illustration job, so returning to my weekly web comic has taken me a bit longer than I intended. I hope to stay regular now though, friends, so stay tuned, stay safe, and try to stay sane.

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