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Puff Baby

Updated: May 29, 2019

Some people call me a bleeding heart...

The story of how we came to adopt our tuxedo cat, Puff.
Spoiled cat is spoiled.

Occasionally life appreciates that and sends you a Band-Aid. ❤

Puff is a big ball of fluffy awkwardness that bumbles around our house spreading joy, and shedding fur. He is terrified of everything, especially the outdoors, because maybe he remembers how rough he had it out there, or maybe it just smells weird to him. Either way he likes to look at it through the glass sliding door, but that's about as much as he can handle. At night he likes to jump onto our laps where he flops down to suckle and knead his favourite blanket, which is always very wet by the time he decides to vacate his spot.

He has a little friend called Mojo, another stray we adopted when just a kitten. Puff dotes on and bullies her like an annoying older brother. She's tiny compared to him, and he's not above using his weight advantage to pin her down and win the fight. At other times he'll kindly let her eat first at dinner before demolishing anything left behind. We like to think that he may be the reincarnation of my husband's childhood dog "Sarge", a big, clumsy German shepherd with many character traits that remind Alex of Puff, who doesn't cat very well at the best of times. He falls off of things, flails around ungracefully in motion, and runs into inanimate objects whenever he gets distracted. He's very much loved though, and I thank the Universe for making me his adoptive Mum.

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