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Recipe for Frustration

Does anybody else order these?

We joke, but I actually do like my meal kit delivery service. I order from "Marley Spoon", but I hear good things about "Hello Fresh" too.

Receiving the bagged makings of two dinners a week is surprisingly helpful for someone who frequently forgets to buy the key ingredients of any dish she intends to cook. This service becomes especially essential during winter as it keeps me from reaching for those tempting takeout apps instead.

Using meal kits has also seen me whip up dinners I would not in a million years have bothered with otherwise, either due to unfamiliarity with the ingredients or laziness in the face of so much peeling, chopping, grating, marinating, etc, etc, etc.

The results are hit and miss, with the best constituting culinary revelation, and the worst bearing more resemblance to a bowl full of pigeon-poo than anything you would willingly choose to ingest. That said, most have been good choices, and I always enjoy a wonderful sense of achievement after my family has sat down to scoff (or choke down) the freshly cooked meal I've prepared. Until I have to face the million dishes sitting by the sink afterwards.

Those meal kit recipes sure love you to use some dishes. So... many... dishes.

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