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Sick Days

I'm off schedule this week, because:

Indeed, I've had a lurgy! On Sunday I was feeling very low energy, and my throat started to hurt. Monday and Tuesday I was down for the count, solidly couch-bound with only energy enough for Netflix and fever-chills. My greatest achievement during this period was managing to convince my mother via interstate phone call that I have not contracted Coronovirus - just a common cold. My symptoms certainly haven't stopped me ruminating about all the things I might be doing if I weren't incapacitated by illness, but Alex has insisted on my remaining balled up in my nest of stinky blankets where I have napped as much as possible over the course of those two days. He's been a willing and wonderful caregiver, picking up the slack and letting me ooze all over him when I wanted sympathy cuddles. This morning I was rewarded for my restive efforts with enough pep to stay upright after showering. In fact I stepped outside for the first time in over forty-eight hours, only to be greeted by three stray chickens that had wandered into our front yard. I took this as a sign from the universe that I am once again in acceptable enough health to deal with all of its confounding shenanigans. Thus, a day-late comic has appeared! But now I need to sleep, because random poultry or not, I honestly still feel rather bog. Goodnight, friends.

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