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That's so Mojo

Meet Puff's cousin:

"Wittle Moj" does this all the time, and my comic really doesn't do her performance justice. I suspect she may be half pretzel, because she throws herself down on the ground in a diverse array of bendy formations that would put the best yoga instructor to shame. She also cries very loudly when we go into another room, or when she's captured one of her toys, just to remind us that we ought to be impressed with her (and of course we always are). Mojo is a master of the "silently-judging-you" face, and remains stone still as her eyes assess us, dismiss us and contemptuously roll in another direction before shutting us out from view altogether.

She naps frequently, and no doubt dreams of claiming her rightful place as worshiped feline deity reining over a subjugated human race. When we first took Mojo in as a stray kitten she was quite wild. We attempted to find her a new home, but nobody was willing to adopt her, and soon we weren't willing to part with her anyway. She's calmed down a lot, but still has her manic moments! Fun fact: Both of our cats are named after Simpson's references. Puff is named after "that dog has a puffy tail - here Puff!" and his much smaller cousin is named after the helper Monkey - "Pray for Mojo".

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