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2022: going, going, not quite gone yet

Good gravy, it's already October.

Am I surprised that another year has flown by?

No. Am I embarrassed to see that I haven't added a new blog post since June of last year?

Well... no?

Blogging just happened to be low on the priority list because I was occupied with so much other stuff. This week I finally got around to sprucing up my website a little (replacing the header graphic, adding more portfolio examples and updating my workshop info), so I wanted to make sure I had a current blog post to accompany it.

And here it is - proof of life and a quick recap of the highlights.


Had a piece in the rockin' "BOARD2DEATH" skateboard exhibition at Pirate Life Brewing.

I loved my piece so much that I ended up using the character for a t-shirt design, as well as whipping up another one to keep her company. Both are available at the ever awesome Shin Tokyo if you're looking for a nifty wardrobe addition. *spruik-spruik*


Was incredibly flattered (and equally bewildered) to be featured as a guest artist at the OZ COMIC CON "Homegrown" Adelaide event. That was fun, despite the seismic waves of imposter syndrome crashing through my every awkward atom all weekend.


Participated in SALA for the first time by putting on my first solo show in quite a while.

"Sorry I'm Such a Nobody" was a series of works I created about my experiences of autistic masking, identity crisis, and the various versions of myself that I present to the world.


Finished drawing a 14 page digital comic piece for an upcoming edition of Science Write Now. It's due to be published next month, so keep your peepers peeled for that if you are interested.


Hasn't happened yet, but I'm due to appear at the Once Upon A Festival hosted by Immanuel College again on the 3rd and 4th. It was excellent fun last year so I'm looking forward to that.


Aiming to be on break, or at least seriously winding down. I didn't take any holidays last year, and actually took on a seasonal customer service job (on a Santa photography set no less) along with everything else I was already doing, so hopefully I'll get some time out to just unwind this December.

Other items of note:

As per the norm I've taught numerous workshops at libraries and schools, instructing dozens of delightfully creative students to draw their own characters, creatures and comics. I also started a new role with the youth organisation I volunteer at in the CBD at the beginning of this year, running the art program and helping clients prepare work for the service's maiden SALA show.

I've begun having appointments with a fantastic neurodiversity-affirming psychologist who has been helping me navigate my wellbeing as a late-diagnosed autistic person. I've made some decent progress with capacity management as well as anticipating burnout in order to stay on top of my mental health.

Of course to state the obvious, the world right now is kind of overwhelming/terrifying/expensive, but I recognise how much I personally have to be grateful for and am just trying to do my best. Thank you as always to everybody who continues to follow my work - I appreciate you a lot. Maybe I'll even post again in 2023. 💖 Peace out!

Tsunami Hee Ja.

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