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Tsunami does Inktober 2019 (Part 1)

Example portrait of local Burlesque entertainer and producer, Mema Random, used to promote my Inktober offer.

So anybody who swings by regularly for the weekly web comic action will have noticed by now that I haven't blogged a new toon for a while. Since October started, in fact, and if you follow any of my social media platforms you already know why. It's Inktober, and for the first time in four years I have thrown my hat into the unforgiving black-pigmented ring of this daily challenge, committing myself to thirty-one finished ink drawings by month's conclusion.

This year, as opposed to my previous efforts in 2014 and 2015 when I created work for a solo exhibition at the end of each October, I've chosen to sell my artworks before I draw them. The offer I posted on my Facebook artist page the last night of November read as follows: Good gravy, folks! Tomorrow is the start of INKTOBER!!!

But before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I am about to pull another thirty-one days of creating artwork for an impending exhibition, let me immediately disappoint you. That is not the case…

Instead I am offering thirty-one PORTRAIT SLOTS for sale!

For $35 you can purchase a 5 x 7 inch portrait to be drawn by yours truly during the month of October. And that even includes postage!

This is way below my usual rate, because there are a few provisos:

1. You have no say in how I draw you. You can tell me a few of your favourite things, say a few words to describe yourself, link me to your social media accounts for photo-stalking purposes, but ultimately you just have to trust in my interpretation – maybe you’ll be a mermaid, maybe you’ll be playing video games in your pjs.

Think of it as a “Trust the chef” menu item, but instead of food, I’ll serve you tasty art (and trust me, it’s in my interest to make you look great), so just sit back and enjoy the surprise!

2. You won’t know which day I’m going to draw you. Because I don’t want to murder my creativity by turning this exercise into a boring to-do list, my aim is to maintain some freedom by drawing whichever subject feels right on the day. Think of yourself not as a client, but as a muse waiting to strike!

3. Only one person per picture. Sorry, it’s just too much of a strain to take on partnered or family portraits given the time constraints and my humble wish to still be available to MY partner and family during the month of October.

4. Yes, you can buy one as a gift, but before you book a slot please feel certain that the gift would be welcome. For example, if you want one of your own child, cool! No dramas! However, a friend may not be comfortable having their child drawn by a stranger (as nice as I am) and posted on social media, so consider that first.

Also, remember that the picture WILL be posted the day I draw it, so no, I can’t keep it under wraps till Christmas or the subject’s birthday, because… Inktober!

5. If you purchase a portrait, please be aware that it is for personal use only. Frame it, use it as your profile pic, etc. However, any commercial use requires you contact me for permission.

6. This may seem pretty common sense, but if you repost the art I make of you, please, please credit me for the work. Link back to my art page, or better yet, share the image from my art page. Exposure doesn’t pay bills or buy cat food, but it still helps me attract the work that does!

SO, to grab a slot please direct message me. I’ll need payment upfront, either via bank transfer or Paypal before your place is secure (should I fail to fill them all I’ll probably just draw one of my many pets).

Featured with this post is an example I did today of local burlesque royalty, producer and director of the highly successful stage show Immoral Kombat, and all around creative genius, Mema Sifa.

This will give you some idea of the sort of thing you'll receive, but if you’ve seen my Inktober efforts in years past, you’ll know that my approach to ink differs day to day. Sometimes the line work is chunkier, sometimes the style is more painterly. Again – this package is a lucky dip.

Anyhow, I hope to hear from interested parties ASAP, because like I said – TOMORROW!

Thankfully it was received very well by my followers on Facebook (with a few catching the word on Instagram too), and I'm booked out for all but several spots! We're just over halfway through the month now, and my days have been filled with not only inking, but packing and posting (the snail mail kind as well as the online sort), so it's keeping me very busy. Regular comic updates will resume come November, but for now, here's a look at my daily portraits so far!

I'll blog the rest at the end of the month, but for up to date daily uploads, follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

Catch you on the other side, folks!

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