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All Day, Every Day

Everyday I'm -

COMIC-ING. And that's pretty great!

I'm actually not complaining, just really struggling to process the usually familiar concept of time lately because my schedule is kind of everywhere... In fact, as I don't have time to write a decent blog post (and this comic is little more than a knee-jerk reaction to the revelation depicted therein), let me take this opportunity to update my interested followers on fast-approaching events during which I will be obliged to leave my house (all of which are part of Adelaide's homegrown Comics Festival, Papercuts).

Original Comic Art Exhibition (Papercuts Comics Festival day 2)

I'll definitely have work in this, although I am still trying to pick which page to exhibit.

Event description: This exhibition offers a chance to see the original hand-drawn artwork from a variety of published comics and graphic novels! These works are in a range of traditional media, from watercolour to pen and ink.

See up close the techniques 30+ artists have used for their stories, whether published in limited edition DIY zines, by major international publishers, or online. These original works of art created by comic book artists and graphic novelists from across Australia cover a diverse range of narratives, subject matter and creators. Social media event page:

Talking Pictures (Papercuts Comics Festival day 3)

This is the project I've been madly trying to finish. When I agreed to take part I imagined slapping something together within a week or so, but it has turned into a labor of love that I've invested way more time and energy into than I ever planned - whoops.

Event description:

Experience comics in a new way at Talking Pictures, where creators will combine art and performance for a multimedia storytelling experience. Twelve comic creators and creative teams will deliver live readings of short (5-15 minute) comics on the theme of 'Travel'! Their accompanying art will be projected onscreen while they read their work. Social media event page:

Papercuts Comics Festival Market Day (Papercuts Comics Festival day 4)

And finally, I'll be tabling at Market Day. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to whip up new stuff with so many workshops and things on the go. I have various projects partially finished, so who knows, I may just squeeze a couple out in time, but I'll have my golden oldies up for grabs and probably some other arty merch for sale. At the very least I'll be happy to say hello if you pop by for a chat!

Event Description: Come buy from the cream of Australia’s comics creators! Discover for yourself the vibrancy and diversity of the local creative community. From psychedelic superheroes to tear-jerking autobiography, there’s something for everyone! Social Media Page:

Phewf! So I'd better quit blogging and get back to drawing now.

Until next week! *waves haggardly*

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