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Yes, Another One.

I seem to start a new blog every other month, but I'm just not tech savvy enough to figure out how to import the last version to my updated website, so let's start fresh (it's not like I posted that much before anyway).

This year I've done very little to "grow my brand", as the woke entrepreneurial kids say. Instead I've been trying to grow various indoor plants - an undertaking I've proved terrible at in the past.

They're all named after my favourite Drag Race queens. Miss Vanjie the money plant is my favourite. She's not exactly thriving, but seems happy enough by the window with her girlfie Brooke Lynn the calathea.

Art wise I've been tentative. I burnt myself out trying to do too many commissions for a while there, so I've taken a break to focus on other things, including my head space.

As is often the case I have a lot of ideas, but not enough courage to actually commit to one in case it flops.

I've experienced a lot of failures in the last half a decade (including a marriage), but also some significant successes (including another marriage). Unfortunately I almost always err on the side of anticipating utter ruin, which I know is really unhealthy (not to mention seriously annoying).

That's why it's easier for me to potter away quietly out of sight where no one can see me stumble. An essentially "basic" existence has helped me re-evaluate my priorities, and I've decided that my sanity is far more important than keeping up appearances on Facebook and the gram right now.

Not to say I've given up on that side of business altogether. I still intend to get back on the wagon when I feel up to it, but for now it's just me and my leafy queens reaching hopefully toward the light in our own time.

Winter is coming, but so is spring.

B and V chlorophyll my heart with joy ♡

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